What Our Children Say

During the governors visit to school the children were asked about how they are taught to keep safe, they also identified that they had been involved in some capacity with Wellbeing Warriors. Wellbeing Warriors is highly rated by all of the students who have had some interaction with them. Those students who were identified as LAC or as having some additional support needs were particularly vocal in support of this service; they commented how they found the sessions very helpful and that even those who experienced this a while back are still applying the strategies, they were taught now to help them feel safe and confident ‘I went when I was in Year 3 and I still use all the things I learned about relaxation and confidence.  I use the things we were taught to help me relax and sleep better and my friendships have been better for the things I have learned.  I still have my box in my bedroom at the side of my bed.’ We then talked about who students could go to if they had a problem, they said that staff are very approachable and help them to resolve their issues.

Pupils Voice- Whittaker Moss Primary School

Rochdale 2022

“I feel more helpful”

“I can control my anger a lot more ”

“I am feeling more confident in myself ”

“I have learnt how to be kinder to other people ”

“I can talk more about myself ”

“I can now concentrate in class, and can put my hand up ”

“It has helped me so much ”

“The tool box is for your calm down things ”

“It’s the best thing ever, the activities are wonderful, the gifts are brill, and you will be very sad when you have to leave ”