#Reframe KS3 & KS4

Here at #Reframe we offer school-based interventions through differentiated group programmes, in a creative and innovative way using therapeutic interventions

The programmes are delivered over a 10-week period for a group of identified students. These programmes will support students to become aware of their feelings and emotions in becoming more resilient to life challenges , and be fully equipped with knowledge and resources for self-regulation.

Our fun, creative, and interactive programmes engage all students with mixed abilities and needs, being tailored to the requirements of the students participating, enabling them to get a fulfilling experience along their journey. The programmes are designed to teach a variety of emotional literacy topics, and guide the students in being able to explore their own thoughts and feelings, whilst building upon strategies and exploring tools for coping with their mental health. The programmes will provide a safe and secure space for individuals to explore their own self and embark on a nurturing, developing journey. Equipping them with skills, tools, resources and confidence to fulfil a more smooth and positive life.