Let’s Talk Workshops

Wellbeing Warriors provides whole class Let’s Talk Workshops for primary school children KS2. Our workshops focus on enhancing positive experiences of everyday challenges and situations faced. Our fun, interactive and creative delivery methods engage all learners to bring out excellence from within. The workshops give children an opportunity to explore a variety of resources and experiences, for supporting resilience and developing positive mental health and wellbeing for each chosen workshop.

Workshop Information

  • Duration – 1.5 hours
  • Delegates – Full class (approximately 30 children)
  • Locality- Most North West localities
  • Delivery Setting- Within the school environment / classroom/Hall
  • Suitability- KS2 – All academic abilities
  • Workshop Type- Face to face
  • Resources- All provided, including home information and gifts and a teacher’s resource pack
  • Safety- risk assessments in place for all workshops
  • Evidenced summary report of children’s experiences for each workshop


Let’s Talk Friendships

Friendships can have a major impact on children’s health and wellbeing, and it’s not always easy for children to build or maintain friendships. This workshop helps children to interact with each other and increase their development of new skills such as, how to communicate, social skill enhancements, how to cooperate, and solve problems. They learn methods for forming new friendships, controlling their emotions, and responding to the emotions of others, as well as developing the ability to think through and negotiate different situations that arise in their relationships. Having friends can affect children’s school performance, so developing their friendships allows for them to have better attitudes about school and learning.

Let’s Talk Mindfulness and Relaxation

Let’s Talk Mindfulness and Relaxation teaches children how to build mindfulness skills and techniques into their daily life, helping to let their mind and body become one, and switch off from any difficulties at home, in school or any unhelpful situations. This workshop teaches children how to have time out, be more aware of the present moment and become in tune with their thoughts and feelings, then positively changing the way children feel about themselves. Having the tools to take time out and relax, supports the control and maintenance of a positive mind. This wonderful, calm and mindful experience allows for the children to take part at a level that’s comfortable for them, and fully experience the positive impacts it will have upon their wellbeing. Creating a calm, relaxing environment for the delivery of this workshop, engages children from the beginning, whilst they embark on a short journey of mindfulness and relaxation.

Let’s Talk Self-Esteem, Confidence and Resilience

Our Let’s Talk Self-Esteem, Confidence and Resilience workshop will give all participating children a boost of happiness and self-worth during this interactive, creative experience. Whilst being able to identify and understand its differences, they will explore their own strengths and talents and engage in opportunities to develop positive thinking, create their own coping strategies, strengthen their resilience, whilst building a character of themselves along their journeys. This workshop will give children the opportunity to effectively manage, and adapt resourcefully to adversity and sources of stress for times when they need it.

Let’s Talk Social Media

Social media can have significant impact on children’s mental health and wellbeing, and it is not always easy for children to know the benefits and risks to themselves when accessing online platforms such as games, apps and communication methods. Our ‘Let’s Talk Social Media’ workshop focuses on enhancing a positive learning experience of the impacts of social media and how to make more informed choices to help balance their ‘social-isation’, as well as encouraging more face-to-face activity in their daily lives. We will help to increase the children’s awareness and understanding of how to keep a positive sense of self when online , as well as exploring the effects that ‘social media’ can have upon their personal, home and school life.

Let’s Talk Transitions

Our ‘Let’s Talk Transitions’ workshop focuses on enhancing a positive experience to the transition into Secondary school for Year 6 children, whilst exploring worries and anxieties that are attached to this experience and transition, it allows for the children to positively explore their own thoughts and feelings, along with their friends and peers in becoming physically and mentally prepared and ready for their next chapter. The workshop encourages the development of positive coping strategies, becoming better equipped with skills and tools for managing this transition in becoming a more confident resourceful young person.

Let’s Talk Feelings

Let us bring fun into your school through the physical experience of this fun filled workshop. The children will embark on an experience of laughter, role play, music and movement including so much more, whilst learning all about the topic of feelings.