Our Approach

How Can We Help?

We are dedicated to helping children and young people with their mental health and wellbeing. Our services are designed as early intervention and awareness  raising packages to reduce the likelihood of long-term mental health issues that are likely to progress into the teenage and adult hood years.  We work closely with school educators in providing training and workshop in the subject areas for upskilling and enhancing skills and knowledge for working with children and young people.

Effective Therapeutic Approach

Our services provide a safe place and opportunities for children and young people to express themselves, explore feelings and emotions and become self-aware to safely release and manage themselves  through a range of therapeutic approaches such as, creative work, role play, stories, group work to name a few. We use a variety of measures to assess individuals’ wellbeing pre and post delivery as well as ongoing in-depth sessional observations of individuals that are reported upon. Therapeutic gifts are provided for all our services in the form of assisting and helping with the regulation of feelings and emotions.

As a service we have an evolving portfolio of evidence-based practice that is objective, balanced, and responsible for our continued research to give us the best available data to guide our policy and practice decisions, so that our outcomes for children, young people and educators are continually improved. We strive to develop our  services and developments to be the most effective given the best available evidence from our current service delivery, involving quality assurance and evaluation to ensure that evidence-based practice is replicated with fidelity and new services are evaluated in depth to determine their effectiveness and success.

Primary and Secondary School Programmes:

We offer mental health and wellbeing  programmes for specific groups of children and young people from EYFS to KS3


Our Let’s Talk workshop are a whole class approach for primary school children in KS2. Our workshops focus on enhancing positive experiences of everyday challenges and situations faced. Our fun, interactive and creative delivery methods engage all learners to bring out excellence from within. The workshops give children an opportunity to explore a variety of resources and experiences, for supporting resilience and developing positive mental health and wellbeing for each chosen workshop.


Staff training and workshops are available for Continuous Professional Development ( CPD),  to build and enhance professional skills and knowledge through our interactive, participation-based sessions. These can be arranged as twilight sessions, or on INSET days to best accommodate your school’s needs.